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ECU error code check - $55

Come in and have us check why that pesky engine check-light is on in your car. We plug in our professional Engine ECU analysis tool, download the logs and give you a diagnostic report.


Fixed Price Servicing Doesn't Work

Think about it.

If I book your car in for a "serivce" at $129.95, you get the things done that are on my list of things to do - for every car that ever comes in the door. Your car might have brand new parts in some places, bu t if they're on the "fixed price list", they get replaced anyway. That's just a waste!

Or, what if the waterpump is about to fail, but checking it for correct function is not on the "fixed price list"? If you get a few days down the road and the waterpump fails, you think "But I just had it serviced! It should be fine!". In the mean time, the water circulation has stopped, the engine has overheated, and now you need an expensive head gasket job as well.

Both cases are typical of why fixed price servicing doesn't work.

What you really need is a trustworthy mechanic who makes a fair assessment of your car, has an eye for detail, and works for a fair price. This way, you get a better job done in the short term, and you save money in the long term.

MJS is your local mechanic
Save money, and get a better job done.
Rely on MJS for your car servicing needs!

Performance Parts


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Brake and Clutch

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